Desolation Times

by Institution

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Recorded by Fernando Sanches, Fernando Uehara and Danilo Souza in El Rocha and Toth studio. Mixed by Taylor Young in the Pit Studio and mastered by Brad Boatright in the Audiosiege studio.
Released by Hearts Bleed Blue.


released October 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Institution São Paulo, Brazil

Grizzly City Hardcore

Fábio - Guitar
Rodolfo - Bass
Hélio - Vocals
Paulo - Guitar
Lucas - Drums

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Track Name: Panopticon
A city that punishes: forging patterns of sociability.
Chimeric prototype, a culture of control and social order.
No one is safe from the vehement outlook.
Austere premise - exclusive and normative.
Dominative state is our condition.
Systematic dissemination of disciplinary mechanisms: they observe and record the bodies controlled.
The change is needed…
No more reign. No more fear. No more threats. No more chains.
Track Name: Unwelcome Exile
Hegemony built on the soil irrigated with (our) blood. 
Life organized under an authoritarian controller.
We´re children of a land without memories.
We´re fruits of a colonial heritage.
We´re nothing to them.
Systematic social segregation regulated by the market.
Our silence is defeat. 
Our sentence is resistance.
Track Name: Blurred Livelihood
Vital essence, sold and dedicated to an inherent and refined slavery. 
Expropriation of their natural condition.
Expropriation of their freedom.
The mechanical culture centralizes and neutralizes the subject; sterile, he becomes a tool.
We are submissive. We are sterile. We´ve become a tool.
The worker proclaims: subordination and sacrifice. 
The end of an era is approaching - the awakening demands blood.
Mortification in progress: reduced to a mere commodity.
Track Name: Empire
The domination sets a clear limit: the production enforces every reaction.
The domination sets a clear limit: there's no existence that isn´t mediated by the economy.
The market optics standardizes and excludes - individual values exhausted.
Cheated and fatigued, our value is measured by production.
It´s time for change…
Theater of illusions - There´s no life on a chain. There´s no life for us here.
Track Name: Unbowed
Inequality sown in fields of bloodshed and plunder.
This is the end…
Born under the bitter yoke and marked with their history.
This is the end of our freedom.
We´re heirs of a secular exploitation: cut off from our social and natural condition. From bloody hands justice will be done.
Our time has come – Reform is needed.
Subjugated by the State, by the legal principle that land ownership is individual property.
Born to bleed. Born to fight. Born to persevere.
The exclusion is an integral part of the capital.
Track Name: Fiery Uprising
Consumed by an authoritarian corporate culture.
The maintenance of "Justice" is made on laws and blood.
How deep we´ll fall?
How much blood has yet to be shed?
How far will we go?
We´ll be side by side until the last body falls.
We´ll be side by side until the up rise comes through storm.
The principle of authority is the denial of our freedom.
Ostensibly oppressive force seated on those who should be protected.
Together we are one!
Through barbarism we´ll be reborn.
Track Name: Venom & Misery
Mischievous profit under the blood that will never be enough.
Prescriptive lies under the false promise of cure.
Lie to us. Day by day making dreams bleed.
Profitable guinea pigs in a society transmuted.
Life that pays itself in a corrosive debt.
Generations buried deep on the hope of a new tomorrow.
Submerged in manufactured fictions.
Diluted in manufactured threats.
Track Name: Flags On Fire
History bleeds false promises.
Slave policy, which manipulates and disseminates boundaries between people.
Monuments and idols feed on innocents.
Colonized, enslaved and forgotten.
Colonized, enslaved and abandoned. No more.
We are spoils of a fateful invention called: Nation.
They keep the fear on the logic of difference.
They keep the fear that suffocates us.
Segregation practices fomenting hatred.
Dissemination of extreme policies raises fire and war.
Track Name: Practice of Freedom
Freedom resigned by a distorted reality.
Savage inequalities emerge.
Submerged voices in a profit-driven economy.
Hypotrophy by an educational system that standardizes; which creates uncritical citizens.
The false democracy suffocates and condemns: objectified, training is done on the margins of life.